More About Special Features



Slick has an new name and it’s Spot UV!
Spot UV can be applied to any area of the design to raise that up and give it a 3D sort of look as well as a tactile element.

Hot Foil


Who doesn’t like shiny things ?

Using a very fine Gold or Silver heat applied foil our artists can bring out the features of the card you’d most like to.

This process is exactly as the name suggests… hot – foil ..

We can even have your name , details and numbers on your business cards hot foiled onto your brand spanking new business cards

We’ll make up special hot foil plates just for you. The cards are lined up and the temperature set for optimal adhesion the press comes down .. and a card is born.

We’ll keep your foil plates file them away for you,ready for your next order.

… knock em’ dead champ!

Signature Strips


Use this feature for low level security or to write names and numbers for easy and fast issue and re-issue of cards.

Adding a signature strip or writeable area to a card involves us making a silk screen specially for your card.
Once the sheet for that side of the card is placed in position and lined up the technician sets the screen in place and the signature strip is printed.

Signature strips are available in any color you’d like.



Embossing adds a feeling of authenticity to a personalized card.
In the loyalty space it says to the customer “you’re unique, one of a kind and we value you!”

For business cards Embossing is also a winner.
How about a matte finished card with your name and number embossed in gold!
Embossing is an old school feature, however with additional modern features and design it could be just the cherry on top !

Some of our work