More About Plastic Cards



PVC is the stuff your credit card is made from.

We’re talking about a CR80 I.S.O spec and referred to as being a standard size which is really just 86x54mm and credit card thickness with rounded corners.

Any thicker or bigger and financial cards will get jammed in the ATM and things like id or access cards will not fit in the card printer. Virtually every card printer and design software package in the industry is configured to work with this specification. With the correct die and design PVC cards can be punched out into larger or smaller sizes.

Some common used for PVC cards are Financial cards , Loyalty cards, Access cards , Id cards …. and in smaller sizes as Key ring attached Key fobs.



These are 500 microns thick (thinner than a credit card) and made on a polypropylene substrate.

The 3D depth of Bubble and Zebra stripe cards will have you mesmerized and maybe even hypnotized.

Poly Prop


Recycled takes on a whole new cool
– Lower green house gas
– Easily recycles CO2 water vapor
– Manufactured / bi product of oil refinery

Transparent & Frosted


New product! Less really is more … clearly!

Jaw-dropping , that’s it really. That’s it!

Transparent and Frosted cards are also made on a PVC card but just a little thinner than a credit card .. about the width of a human hair thinner, I know, I measured it.

Following a spate of groundbreaking development we can now add a mag stripe or barcode to these .

Imagine a Frosted or Transparent Loyalty card , Hotel Key card, gift card , or gym access card? WOW !

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