More about Hi-Tech Loyalty & Access Cards



So many possibilities! Loyalty cards, hotel key cards, access cards and many more.
Mag stripes are just like the mag tape in your antique cassettes .
There are two types . Hi connectivity (Hi-co) and Low connectivity (lo-co)

Hi-co has three tracks that can be used for encoding.
These cards are most commonly used for financial transactions and loyalty cards as they are fairly robust and so are suitable for more frequent use.

Lo-co has two tracks for encoding.
These cards are better suited for single or less frequent use .
The lo-co mag stripe is easily compromised when in close proximity to a magnetic field such as a cell phone.
The most common application for these is hotel key cards.



Ean 128 , Ean 13 , Code 39 … these are just a few of the barcode types in use .
In the retail industry it’s necessary to purchase barcodes for that product and print this on as part of the packaging process .

For the purposes of loyalty and closed circuit use no purchase is necessary . In fact barcodes are the most simple way to track a card / database program.

Most of the barcode types are so simple that you’ll be able to generate a range of sequential or even random numbers using a standard excel sheet.
For more information on Barcodes and Qr codes take a look at

Data & Personalisation


Data and personalization is now easier than ever with better technologies available.
Plastic cards can be printed at lightning speed and personalized with names ID pics , numbering etc.. as well as all that information encoded on a Magstripe or Barcode to correspond with the data.

Data or Variable Data (VDP) can be supplied in excel / csv an notepad formats .. photographs (taken to spec) simply numbered to correspond with the data an our software will pull all that from the files you send and Bob’s Your Uncle ! … personalized cards!



Embossing adds a feeling of authenticity to a personalized card.
In the loyalty space it says to the customer “you’re unique, one of a kind and we value you!”

For business cards Embossing is also a winner.
How about a matte finished card with your name and number embossed in gold!
Embossing is an old school feature, however with additional modern features and design it could be just the cherry on top !



RFID has been around for well over a decade, however it’s poorly understood.
These cards are capable of storing and transmitting information.
The information stored is usually read and then verified by a closed loop system such as access to a certain area . Once the system reads and validates the card , alone or in tandem with a pin then it’ll allow access , open a gate and add that information to a database.

Cashless payment is a widely used in environments where it’s desirable to protect employees against having to be responsible for large amounts of cash.
At a golf club , for instance, the member can top-up their account with their credit card and then use their RFID club card to enter , purchase food and even go shopping at the pro shop .

The possibilities are endless.

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