Design & Specs

We Make Plastic Cards…

… yip, that’s it, nothing else !

Our competitors have been known to fly spy drones in and around the factory in an attempt to understand how we’re so damn good at what we do.

We’re a tight knit group and the card factory is a source of pride to our family.

O.C.D. doesn’t even begin to describe our precision manufacturing and quality control… you’re in good hands.


CMYK colour is a reflection of light, like a painting.. RGB colour is a projection of light, like what you see on your TV. So remember to take this into consideration when deciding on your designs.

As a standard in our factory we print in CMYK colour making use of only the finest inks in the industry.

If you are looking for specific colours we can convert from a Pantone to CMYK or print the entire card using pantones, however it must be one or the other.

How does a substrate affect the print?

Good question!

For instance, take a piece of wood and a piece of glass and paint the two using the very same paint. The result will be a two very different finishes. Besides how the substrate acts on the paint you’d also have to consider surface which will affect the way the light reflects.

For the very best images…

For the very best images send us no less and not much more than a 300dpi. Pdf or, in the case of photo’s, a J peg. Any less than 300dpi will be grainy and any more can mean you’ll still be downloading this at Christmas time… We are on holiday then and can’t help you.

Best design

We like Illustrator but you can use most others as long as you send us a 300 dpi pdf with a 3 mm bleed and no text you don’t want cut off closer than 2mm to the cutter line.

And for you budding designers out there…. Microsoft word, Excel and Power point are not design programs… best you have one of our designers do what they do best.

Barcode positioning

Barcodes should always be backed by white only. (See barcode positioning)

The reason is that the scanner can get confused by any black in that same line. Even if it’s red… unless it’s pure red it will have some black in it. This doesn’t mean it’ll never scan but just that it’ll be unreliable.

Mag stripe positioning

(See mag stripe positioning) This is just the same as your bank card… Same size, same position.

Number position

When you send us the sequential / alpha numeric or random numbers send one pdf to show the position and one pdf without the that same data for the generic print.

Our state of the art software will pull the data from the excel sheet/csv or notepad and print it just where you want it.

Photo ID

Easy peezy… Send one pdf to show the position of the Variable data (that’s fancy talk for photos, numbers and barcodes) and one PDF without.

Take hi-res photos of the person’s head and neck only… Unless you want a picture of a garden gnome on your access card.

Use an excel sheet to capture the data, names… and number etc… the photo’s the same as column A. Our software will do the rest.

Take hi-res photos of the person’s head and neck only… Unless you want a picture of a garden gnome on your access or student card.

Here’s the boring stuff *yawn .. !

A standard card size is just the same as your credit card 85.6x54mm.

Our cards are freshly squeezed from the finest P.V.C. and printed in sheets, then die cut.

Your art (masterpiece) should bleed over the edge of the card on the PDF you send us.

The reason for this is that if the art just fits the card the edges will be white, Yuk!..

.. So make the art 3mm bigger, that’s the bleed, but don’t have any text too close to the edge (2-3mm)

In summary

  • Card size 85.6*54mm
  • Bleed over 2-3mm
  • No text closer than 2-3mm to the cutter line
  • Art formats (in addition to a 300dpi PDF)
  • CorelDraw X7
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Advanced design

Fonts should be converted to curves and embed and saved to that program used for either Mac or PC.

Rather don’t compress the PDF before sending and convert fonts to curves so we can use your art in any of the programs.


"Hi Chris.. I just wanted to say thanks so much for pulling out all the stops for me on this order. It wasn't an easy card to print! My client received the cards a day before they were needed and were able to launch on time"
... Richard PCK systems